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Pope John Paul II after consultation with the congregations for causes of saint, by his apostolic authority, declared that the venerable servant of God Peter ToRot shall be proclaimed as Blessed that his feast, shall be celebrated every year, on the 7th day of July. Blessed Peter ToRot is an outstanding example of family man a church leader the person who is prepared to lay down his life for God and neighbour.

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Our weekly Churches Television Magazine. Broadcasted every Sunday 8:00pm on Kundu 2 National Television of Papua New Guinea.

Cardinal Joseph Zen, retired Archbishop of Hong Kong visited Rakunai on the 7th July 2012. He came as officail Pope Benedict XVI legate to celebrate 100 anniversary of the birth of Blessed Peter ToRot.

The Voice of Peter ToRot Association of Papua New Guinea
is dedicated to Blessed Peter ToRot and design:
    To promote spiritual and moral values Blessed Peter Torot lived and died for.
    To promote the cause for the canonization of Blessed Peter Torot.
    To provide resources and the opportunity for on-going spiritual, personal renewal

        and formation for lay people.
    To ensure that materials of historical significance that have been documented

        are preserved in the Archives.
    To create awareness about the potential of an electronic and print media as

        a valuable tool for religious, cultural and social development of the country.
    To provide venue and opportunities for the following activities:
        - a venue for religious/spiritual conferences,
        - accessibility for research and formation,
        - production of TV/radio/internet documentaries,
        - enhance better collaboration of lay and religious
        - enhance greater ecumenical cooperation.

Fr. Jules Dubuy msc erected a cross at Mt. Albert Edwards (4000 m) in the Owen Stanley Range of Papua New Guinea in July 1938. On the 75th anniversary Bp Rochus Tatamai msc, Fr. Wlodzimierz Malota cm, Fr. John Paul, and Fr. Zdzislaw Mlak svd together with representatives of Goilala Parishes celebrated a Holy Eucharist at the foot of the Cross. They followed for 9 days the footsteps of Fr. Dubuy and his caravan which brought the Cross to the summit of Mt. Albert Edwards.

Blessed Peter ToRot
1912 - 1945

O Holy Martyr, Peter ToRot,

God chose you to serve his people as a catechist.

You took delight in your work and performed it loyally.

You strengthen your people’s faith and did not abandon them in time of intense suffering.


We rejoice that God has chosen to favor you as the first martyr of Papua New Guinea.

We pray that through your intercession we may persevere in time of trial and courageously profess our faith. Amen.