16/09/2015 19:33

A time to celebrate

A time to celebrate our gift of life as individual citizens, the families we are born into with it's history, culture and tradition, the distinct languages, geographical features of the islands and the coastlines, the highlands with the deep valleys and steep rugged mountains, the wet and slippery swamps and delta's...we together in unison celebrate our 40th independence anniversary. PNG 600 islands a land of promise and destiny ...yet ironically dubbed as the land of the unexpected so expect the unexpected yet at instances since it's the land of the unexpected so expect the expected. The early Portuguese and Spanish explorers sighted the land mass and prophetically sigh..."it's an island of gold"...well 40 years on into our independence as a sovereign State, PNG is the last Paradise..."a green island of virgin forests, growing on a pile of gold and rich mineral resources, floating on a sea of unique rich species of marine life, bathing in a colourful sea of oil and petroleum and dynamically powered by Liquefied Natural Gas(LNGPNG). For a mere population of 7 plus million speaking 800 plus distinct languages with its various expressions and features in cultures and traditions....this is all together a handful and mouthful reasons to gether and joyfully celebrate our homegrown brand of unity in diversity. We now earnestly pray God ... for the quality and visionary servant leaders, capable and efficient Managers, transparent, honest and accountable administrators to be the custodians and stewards of all these rich and abundant natural, physical, financial, as well as the most important human resources of this beautiful island in the sun. God bless PNG and all its rightful resources and citizens. "O arise all you son's of this land. Let us sing of our joy to be free..praising God and rejoicing to be..PNG

Bp. Rochus Tatamai msc