30/07/2014 07:15

A Tribute to Fr Aloysius Kape – Diocesan Priest of Bereina Diocese (1932 – 2014)

Announcing the death of Fr Aloysius Kape, the 3rd Diocesan Priest of Bereina after Louis Vangeke who  was the first PNG Priest ordained in 1937 and Julian Efi ordained in 1955. Fr. Aloysius Kape passed on to eternal life on July 26, 2014 at the age of 82 and three months. He was born at Veifa’a Parish on the 25th April, 1932 and did his elementary and primary education at St. Paul’s Parish Veifa’a. He did his minor Seminary formation under the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart at St. Peter Chanel College Ulapia in Kokopo then proceeded to his spiritual Year and Major Seminary at St Fidelis Kap in Madang.  He was ordained to the priesthood in 1967, after Christmas day at St. Paul’s Parish Church Veifa’a precisely a day after the official opening and blessing of the new Church.

In his priestly ministry he worked for many years among the people of Kamulai Parish in the Goilala Mountains, he also served in the Parish of Inauaia, then some years between Veifa'a and Yule Island Parishes.

As a diocese we acknowledged and are grateful for the condolence messages, prayers and support with encouragement which came from many people who knew, lived and worked with Fr Aloysius Kape in the 47 years of his priestly ministry. One tribute and condolence message “Bishop Rochus, we are saddened to hear the passing of Fr. Aloysius Kape. He was a true pastor of the people of God in Bereina Diocese. A great man of God because of his humility, simplicity and kindness.  He was family to us. Our sincere condolences to you as Bishop of the Diocese, to his dear sister Lala and brother George and family and people of veifa’a. Our thoughts are with you in prayer. Aisi, Gerard, Alphonse Baupua and families of Poukama.”

When the Bishop went to St. Paul’s Parish - Veifa'a for the funeral Mass, discovered in the meantime while waiting for the coffin to arrive from Veifa'a hospital that'll be two coffins in Church for the one funeral Service..It was a difficult experience as it concerns late Fr Aloysius Kape with his cousin Julian Auki Ongongo together in Church for the last rites. We managed the concurrent double funeral so true for the saying, "kill 2 birds with 1 stone" in this sense it was a spiritual double header. May God bless their souls and let your divine mercy with perpetual light shine upon Fr Aloysius Kape and Julian Auki Ongongo forever...Amen