18/10/2013 08:10

Again on abandoned babies, abandoned poor and deaf government and church ears

By Fr. John M. Glynn

The media does report from time to time on unwanted babies being abandoned or sold in the market place.

Two or three visits to Gordon Market here in Port Moresby will turn up a baby for sale - for upwards of about K50. Otherwise a visit to the labour ward at Port Moresby General Hospital will often find a mother who is only too willing to sell her newborn baby. This is generally known and does not cause any concern to most people - it is just the way things are.

I have been helping young women - and a few young men - who have been struggling with their lives in the settlements for over twelve years now. When a young lady was very badly wounded in a knife attack we could get no help for her - even at POM General A&E, where we waited until nearly 2.00 in the morning, we could not get a nurse to examine her wound. We had to wait until the following day to get help at St. Mary's.

The poor are completely used to the fact that the Police, the Health Authorities, the Schools all have little time for them. They are used to being ignored, rejected, dismissed and denied help.

The general population is complacent and not concerned and so there is no pressure on politicians or Government to do anything about reforming our institutions.

The Churches are primarily focused on lotu and ceremony. With very few exceptions there is no outreach to the truly poor. Parishioners in the Catholic Parishes are totally subservient to their Paris Priests and will not take independent action. For twelve years I have been urging the parishioners of Sacred Heart Hohola to set up a Parish Charitable Works Committee and to take advantage of the support they could get from WeCARe!

Pope Francis is so far away, and his voice is so small for us here in PNG. Will he ever be heard?

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