14/12/2013 11:05

Alotau men lead effort for new evangelization

By Fr Ronnie Victoria - Alotau

During the Year of Faith the diocese of Alotau focused on the Cross Pilgrimage to end with the Men Convention. The cross was entrusted to the Men Group to be brought all over the diocese to draw all people to Christ. In fact they brought the cross everywhere, only skipping the remote East, and came back to Alotau for the Diocesan Men Convention on 18-23 November. The theme was, ‘Men arise! Live the faith you believe!’ Ninety-three participants attended from twelve parishes.

Welcoming them, Vicar General Fr Joe Ensing encouraged the members of the group to be responsible fathers and active members of the Church. Then he invited them to establish men groups in their communities. For a few days the Men Convention dwelt on topics such as family values, child protection, gender equality, productivity and self-reliance, Bible sharing methods, and Sunday service without a priest… The men admitted being motivated by the activities and willing to overcome that traditional laziness and lack of interest, which frequently keeps them away from community service.

Deputy Milne Bay Provincial Administrator Michael Kape facilitated the drafting of the Diocesan Men Constitution, which was approved during the Convention and led to the election of the executive officers, with former Diocesan Caritas coordinator Joe Kaiso as chairman.