07/05/2013 09:10

Attorney General and Justice Minister Hon. Kua on EMTV

Madang, 5 May 2013. Attorney General and Justice Minister Hon. Kua on EMTV tonight was totally disappointing. He believes that by executing a few hundred criminals around PNG people will remove fences from their homes. There was certainly much more criminality in Port Moresby during the years 2000-2005. And it was the time when the death penalty was cominated to a few criminals but not implemented because the prescribed procedure of hanging was deemed inhumane; probably also the last thing PNG needed to show to the world: dead men floating mid air. Who and what made things better in Port Moresby allowing me and others to happily reside and work for six years (2005-2011) in the notorious suburb of Tokarara? The answer? 1st. Though police; 2nd. People of good will in Churches, schools, and settlements who did all they could for young people; 3rd. Hon. Gov. Powes Parkop with all his programs for poverty alleviation, scholarships, women empowerment, employment, etc. Did this solve all the problems? No! Would have the killing of a few thanks to the death penalty solved everything? Unthinkable! Hon. Kua things that he can satisfy the masses by executing a few, but then he doesn't know how to do the job that in any case is by no means easy and cheap if the government wants to go beyond hanging. I believe death penalty will be of no benefit to PNG; neither domestically nor internationally. It will not stop heinous crimes, exactly as it doesn't in any country applying it. It will not invite tourists and investors, because it will give the impression of a situation even worse that what actually is. Eventually it makes more sense to discuss death penalty as PROPER RETRIBUTION OR NOT (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth); but not as a deterrent or a solution to the serious problems the country is facing by abandoning the young generations to their destiny. If Hon. Kua argues that death penalty is just retribution, then we can probably engage him on a high philosophical and juridical level; if he says that death penalty will solve the problems of the country, better go and get advice from Hon. Parkop and the likes! – Fr. Giorgio Licini PIME