08/06/2012 08:57

Australian Bishop calls for “missionary” schools

Bishop Peter Ingham says Catholic schools need to be "missionary" in the way they try to re-engage young people with the Catholic faith, reports The Tablet.

Bishop Ingham of Wollongong south of Sydney, preaching at the annual diocesan Education Mass in London last month, said a constant challenge today was the disengagement of the young from worshipping communities.

"Faith should be caught and taught in the home, reinforced in the school and celebrated in the local parish. It is a three-pronged, not a one-pronged, operation," said Bishop Ingham.

But he added: "It is simply realistic to note that our parishes and schools have now entered a missionary stage ... We need faith-filled teachers in our classrooms who are active witnesses to the faith." (cathnews.com.au/CBC Communications 080612 – giorgiolicini@yahoo.com)