05/11/2013 22:34

Bereina remembers Archbishop Alain de Boismenu

By Bp. Rochus Tatamai MSC - Bereina

The Catholic diocese of Bereina celebrates the 60th anniversary of the death of Abp. Alain Maria Guynot de Boismenu, who died at Kubuna on 5 November 1953. Alain de Boismenu arrived on Yule Island on 25 January 1898 at the age of 28. He was coadjutor of Bishop Andre’ Navarre after the untimely death of Fr. Henry Verius, who was the first missionary priest to arrive at Yule Island and celebrated the first Mass there on 4 July 1885. Alain de Boismenu was consecrated Bishop in 1900 and retired at Kubuna in 1945 where he eventually died on 5 November 1953. He believed in local PNG vocations and encouraged Louis Vangeke from the Mekeo village of Veifa to go for priestly formation in Madagascar. Vangeke was then ordained first PNG priest in 1937 and consecrated first indigenous Bishop by Pope Paul VI in Sydney in 1970. Alain de Boismenu founded the Handmaids of the Lord (A.D. Sisters) in 1918. The diocese of Bereina is celebrating the 60th anniversary of de Boismenu’s death with the usual annual pilgrimage walk from Aropokina to Kubuna followed by night celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the anniversary Mass tomorrow 5 November 2013 at Kubuna Pilgrimage Centre.