21/08/2012 19:58

Bishop Francesco Sarego of Goroka writes to EHP new MPs

DEAR PARLIAMENTARIANS, you have been elected to guide PNG for the next five years. Congratulations! The time of election is always special in the life of the country and in your own life as well. We hope that the electoral process has been guided by responsibility and honesty. Your work as politicians is a noble commitment, because you offer all your energy and talents at the service of the community. This commitment has to be under the motto: "for the people". Christ said : " Whoever wants to be first must place himself /herself last of all and the servant of all (Mk 9:36). Every leader shall know that his/her role in exercising leadership must have the characteristics of service and not of personal advantage and pleasure.

Now that the ‘election fever’ is over, you might think again of the promises you made in preparation for your election. You made many promises and people will remember if those promises will become a reality or not. Your position demands a commitment to uphold human rights and freedom, honesty in handling our rich natural resources and public funds. A high standard of moral conduct is demanded from you so to inspire the people you serve.

You will be involved in decision making regarding many areas of the public life. But priorities must be set, and we believe that greater attention must be given to families, education, health and infrastructures. Sound infrastructures like roads, bridges, communication links allow communities, individuals and businesses to thrive. A healthy country, not only because of wealth, but due to clear vision and generous leadership, is a sign of good governance interested in the future of the people.

Dear Parliamentarians, the Pastors' Fraternal of Goroka wish you a good start in this new legislature. And all of us have to be reminded that we must build with the help and the fear of God, because this is the only way to build up PNG in following the noble traditions of the past and with the Christian principles guiding our country towards the future.

Bishop Francesco Sarego SVD – Goroka

Pastors’ Fraternal

1st August 2012