14/10/2015 14:49

bp Rochus Tatamai

Thank you to the 26 Priests of the Diocese of Kimbe for your generosity, availability and most importantly your humility and cooperation throughout the days of the annual priests retreat (4-9October2015) Even the Lord God spoke to us all in the modern means of communication by switching off the Cable TV in Kimbe township on the night of the NRL 2015 grandfinal encouraging us to go on to that lonely place so he can seduce our hearts to fall in-love once more with His will and our cal to share in His Ministeral Priesthood. Your bonding as priests call to serve the people of the "pasin West Tasol" province was unique and heart lifting. Even your Bishop called in forvthe afternoon sessions to show his love and support commitment to you all. Impressively our brother priests missionaries from Poland and Uganda are very animated and dynamic in their conversations in creative Tok Pisin. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND THE PEOPLE AS YOU SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY PREPARE FOR THE MARIAN VISIT OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA. Fr Edouardo ofm and his team were very hospitable to everyone at Banaule. Fr Edward Ante recovered his musical talents towards the end of the spiritual exercises. Oh by the way...Thanks to the creative and imaginative establishment of the "islands deanery" to cater for the 4th Day Liturgical Program. Thanks to Frs Boniface Kolomu and Iggie Bara. You almost convinced everyone the need for the 4th deanery..hehehe...anyway we admire you creative thinking outside the box...one and all I was richly blessed...finding myself as a junior of the seniors and a senior of the juniors when one goes by the formatve years of the minor and Major seminary.

Rochus Tatamai's photo.
Rochus Tatamai's photo.