01/10/2016 09:44

Catholic Diocesan Media personnel undergo Workshop

-        Arlene Abital & Bomai Witne

Port Moresby, 2 October, 2016:

“Social communication and networking: a way forward to keep contact and stay connected” was highlighted during the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands’ (CBC-PNG/SI) Media Seminar and Workshop held on September 29 to October 2, 2016 at Emmaus Conference Centre, Don Bosco Technological Institute campus, Port Moresby.

Fr. Fabrizio Colombo, MCCJ, Director of SIGNIS Services Rome together with Fr. Ambrose Pereira, SDB, Sr. Daisy Anne Lisania, MSC and Bishop Rochus Tatamai, MSC, Diocese of Bereina and Deputy Chair of the CBC SOCOM guided the four-day seminar and workshop.

“Communication technologies change people and society. The Catholic Church does not operate in isolation but with communication technologies,” said Fr. Colombo as he commenced the session on the first day.  He highlighted the fact that, ‘Media has the power to change individuals and organizations’.   The interactive session enabled the participants develop new knowledge and skills and enhance their communication possibility.  Radio communication, interviewing skills and the ripple effect of a good radio broadcasts were emphasized. The three-minute radio interview on current issues gave the participants an opportunity to put the theoretical input into practice.

On the second day, Fr. Fabrizo challenged the participants in the use of Social Media.  “Do not be afraid to use Social Media for conversational evangelisation,” he said.  With the help of the IT students from Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko, the participants were able to create a Facebook page on current social issues in PNG.

In the afternoon, Media professionals, Phoebe Gwangilo (the National), Veronica Hatutasi, Anna Solomon and Paul Suvani (Wantok Niuspepa), Anthony Paul (Holy Spirit Seminary) and Joe Gickmai Kundun (Bomana Parish) provided an avenue for an open Media Forum.  The session has opened the minds of the group to the need for liaising between the media and the Church and to use the opportunities available to address the fundamental issues confronting the youth and people.

Storytelling through images using the: elements, attitudes and moments formula – challenged the group to work on the theme: ‘Church to Mission’.  The short video clips produced on the third day highlighted the role and impact of the missionaries in the lives of the people.

Along with the engaging activities were prayers, group dynamics and the daily Eucharistic celebrations underlined – ‘Christ is the Message.’

The fourth day was dedicated to sharing and networking.  “The purpose of every production should be - to educate, to inform, to entertain and to inspire”, stressed Fr. Ambrose as he addressed the group.  Each diocese digitally presented its communication work.  It was an occasion to learn and pick up useful information for their own diocese.  A high point in the afternoon was a field visit to Post Courier.  The participants appreciated the dedication and hard work of this leading commercial media outlet.  Special thanks to Mr. Joachim Nangoi, Productions Manager and Mr. Todagia Kelola, Editor-in-Chief and media personnel from Post Courier who welcomed, explained and answered several questions. 

After the Sunday evening solemn vespers, the ‘Church to mission’ videos were screened in the presence of Fr. Victor Roche svd, CBC General Secretary, Fr. Peter Baquero sdb, Provincial and Fr. Malaka Zdzislaw svd.  Souvenir items were exchanged as tokens of memorable experiences, friendships made and connections established.

The Social Communications and the Commission on Social Communications (SOCOM) is now working towards fulfilling the new joint Conference Pastoral Plan (2015-2020) for the Catholic Church in PNG & SI.  This can assist the CBC and the Church in attracting media attention on social, moral and religious issues and concerns.

The participants comprised of the clergy and laity representing the Dioceses of Goroka, Madang, Kavieng, Rabaul, Mt Hagen, Mendi, Autonomous Region of Bougainville, and the Diocese of Gizo, Solomon Islands.  Joining them were staff from the Don Bosco institutions of Port Moresby.

Dressed in their DBTI shirts, thanks to Fr. Louie Castañeda sdb, the participants have returned to put into practice the new insights and knowledge received during the four days and are committed to use the means of communication and networking to build a people committed to share the values of the Gospel and a stronger church.