30/05/2012 15:50

Catholic Youth leaders nationwide undergoing leadership training

By Bradley Gregory - DWU Journalism student. It is vital that parish youth leaders have the competence to lead their fellow youth in a Catholic and Christian way. This was the purpose of a week-long seminar held in Alexishafen, Archdiocese of Madang at the end of May by Fr. Shanthi Puthusssery PIME, PNG and Solomon Islands Catholic Youth Coordinator. The youth leaders from the diocese of Madang learned about the four areas of formation (human, intellectual, spiritual, and social or pastoral) which are vital for the development of the human person. They learned that being a youth leader is a vocation on its own. Diocesan youth coordinator Frank Malin, from the Holy Spirit Cathedral parish in Madang,  said that honesty is a quality that a Christian leader must have and it should be observed at all times. The youth leaders said that self sacrifice also is an important attitude in the leadership vocation: to be authentic and genuine Christian leaders, youth must follow Jesus Christ who is the greatest model. The week long program concluded on Sunday, 26 May with a presentation to the students of St. Fidelis seminary in Alexishafen of the skills the 17 participants from 14 parishes obtained from the workshop. The same activity has already been held in Vanimo, Bougainville, Mt. Hagen, Alotau and now in Madang. The other dioceses of PNG will follow suit before Fr Shanthi takes the same program to the three dioceses of Solomon Islands. (CBC Communications 300512 – giorgiolicini@yahoo.com)