11/10/2012 08:23

CBC Press statement regarding Law and Order situation in NCD

By the General Secretary of the Catholic Bishops of PNG/SI

In the last few weeks we have read and seen many reports in the media about the worsening Law and Order situation in our Capital City. In today’s National Newspaper, NCD Police Chief says that carjacking is too common in the city. He is warning city residents to be cautious while driving in the night.

Pick-pocketing, rape and killing have become part of the normal life in the city. Two weeks ago we read in the newspaper of the cruel rape of a mother in broad day light in Gordon’s market. The culprits go scot-free and the victim is afraid of lodging a case with the police.

The police are unable to curb the rising crime in the city. The public have become silent and passive observers of the crimes.

The Catholic Church supports the view of the NCD Governor, Hon. Powes Parkop that the Army is called in to patrol the city for at least one year. The mind-set of the criminals should be weeded out. They commit the crimes and they know that neither the police nor the public will do anything to deter them. The public is also of the same attitude. It takes a few months or perhaps a few years to take away that mind-set. It is good to start now.

Of course the officers of the Army should make sure that there are no excesses in the carrying out of their duties.

The Catholic Church also calls on the other Members of Parliament and the ministers to support this call to deploy the army in the capital city. We hope the people of the Capital City and the rest of the country can walk freely in our own country.

Fr.Victor Roche, SVD

General Secretary