17/10/2012 20:54

CBC Secretary General expresses satisfaction at improved city patrolling

“Police are now patrolling Gordon’s market and other parts of Port Moresby”, Catholic Bishops Conference (CBC) Secretary General, Fr Victor Roche SVD said in a note today.  “I do not know how long this would last - he added – but our call is to weed out the attitude of the criminals with regard to petty crimes and serious crimes as well. I believe the Church has to speak up for the voiceless.”

Fr Victor’ comments follow a CBC statement released on 10th October 2012 expressing support for the call by NCD Governor, Powes Parkop to deploy the army in the capital city following a rise in criminality. “There has been a great support for this call especially from the working women of Port Moresby”, Fr Victor said.

“I do not know if eventually the army will be sent in to patrol the city”, he concluded, “but we have surely drawn the attention of the government, the police, the army and the public. Let us continue to speak up until the crime rate goes down”.

(CBC Communications 20121017 – giorgiolicini@yahoo.com)