10/12/2014 11:23

Christmas greetings from the Catholic Diocese of Wabag, Papua New Guinea!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Baby Jesus,

Christmas is always a good time to remember that great miracle, the miracle of the mystery of Incarnation, God becoming human, to share our human nature that through him we may become divine. This is God’s love and mercy at its best. It is God’s love made visible so that people on earth could not only believe a mystery, but could hear, touch and see him leading humanity to salvation. He lived like us to become a model figure so that we can be able to follow him by telling his truth, walking his ways, and living his life.

Jesus Christ is the true Christmas gift to us. This is God’s grace, so we can sing joy filled songs in happiness to praise and honor Him who is all good and blessed. No return gift will ever match or supersede God’s gift and the best we can give to God is our lives. And the next best is in living a life by following his will and a closer relationship with him.

In the household of Joseph and Mary, the birth of Jesus was a much expected welcome gift. Jesus entered a home where there was warmed, care, beauty, respect and understanding, peace and joy, etc. In this home there was a reciprocal relationship of life-giving and love-giving. In this home God was there and his will was the rule of the house. Thus the model and ideal of a family is found in the Nazareth family that all could see and follow.

For this matter the diocese of Wabag has given marriage and family as its pastoral priority to go in line with the National Pastoral Plan of the Catholic Church of Papua New Guinea and also to go in line with the Synod in Rome about marriage and family. The emphasis given on marriage and family shows that there is a break down on values, morals, customs, laws, etc, concerning marriage and family life in the world today.

The diocese of Wabag is guided by our diocesan pastoral plan and the diocesan offices, committees, and devotional groups are encouraged to implement the diocesan plan in their respective pastoral ministries. The parishes are also encouraged to make their own parish pastoral plan by way of integrating the diocesan pastoral plan, and these makes implementation of all the planned programs easier. While concentrating on their area of pastoral interest, the Bishop encouraged them all to give some time to marriage and family life. Therefore the theme “Evangelization In and Through the Family” of the National Pastoral plan for the year 2014 is also taken on board by the diocese of Wabag.

Most of our parishes are in the rural areas and some are very remote. The physical and geographical challenges take a lot of tolls but such exhaustion do not stop us from proclaiming the Good News and also do some social work like education and health services. The people do appreciate these services because they cannot get them from the National Government. The diocese could not continue to give these kinds of services without your assistance. Your donations and prayers give us the strength and incentive to continue to give needed services to the poor people and others alike.

Great joy to you this Christmastide

May love and peace with you abide

May all God’s Angels this Christmas night

Guide you with His Holy Light

Joyful Christmas and Happy New Year

I take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers and continued support and your assistance will go far and make a lot of difference. May this Christmas bring special blessings to your families. I pray that God bless your family.

+Rev. Arnold Orowae
Bishop of Wabag