20/07/2012 10:31

Churches at the forefront of FODE in rural areas

By Sr. Mary McCarthy pbvm. The voice of Churches who provide Distance Learning for young people in rural areas is noted at FODE Governing Council meetings. Study centers sponsored by the Catholic Church offer hope and an opportunity to many youth to continue their studies. FODE students have been selected to transfer into one National High School recently though much hard work is needed to successfully make the transition. FODE is writing new courses for Personal Development. Could Religious Education be offered as an alternative at Upper Secondary level as in the Secondary Schools?  The World Bank project supporting FODE to keep young people “in school” continues. That markers in Church sponsored study centers should be included in the budgeted allowances was acknowledged. Students are paying K45 per subject this year and so are benefitting from the “Fee-free Policy”. (CBC Communications 180712 – giorgiolicini@yahoo.com)