06/06/2012 10:29

Country at a Crossroad – DWU student writes on current political standoff

She stands frozen and baffled in solitude;
Longing for a way out, to save her children.
Her eyes fixed at the night sky, leaping from star to star.
She listens as her children sob in silence and despair.
Filled with anxiety, she cries out; “who shall save us?”
She hears a deep whisper, “Welcome to the crossroad!”
There she stands irresolute, surrounded by her children,
“O when shall the first dew fall?” she longs
She awaits eagerly for the night to fly by;
The night is long and cold;
Patience grows old as time flies out.

She watches;
As crook fairies dance on poles imbalanced;
To the song sung by their cohorts.
Overshadowed by clouds of greed and pride,
For they believed darkness has covered the land.
Unaware of the light that permeates through them;
They stand in the light.
So visible they are watched;
As they perform the drama.
There she stands alone in woe.

The land is rocked;
Cos those fairies are crook.
They danced to every beat;
Pursued by a band of groundless cliques;
They danced by her side;
In innocence her children asked. “Where is our destiny? Which road shall we take?”.
For the rules that hold their land were never played by.
She stands helpless and wonders if tomorrow will be a new dawn.

Shane Ailu  
(from Alotau)

DWU student

(CBC Communications 060612 – giorgiolicini@yahoo.com)