20/07/2012 10:30

Developing Religious Education Programs for Primary Government Schools.

A Primary Religious Education Framework was written 20-29 June at Gaire Conference Centre. Participants included representatives of Anglican, United, Lutheran, SDA, Salvation Army and Catholic Education Agencies. There was one rep from Madang TC and one from Gaulim TC. Four officers from NDoE Curriculum led very enthusiastically and competently achieving the outcomes set for the workshop, namely, to create an R.E. Framework for Government Agency Schools. Strands are God, Bible, Church, Ethics and Values and Christian Living. Sub-strands were identified, then learning outcomes and finally measurable indicators. Dr Apelis attended several sessions and presented a report of progress from Jan-May 2012. Mrs Jane Pagelio offered helpful guidelines and insights to assist Church reps with curriculum development to take on what is quite an enormous task. Thanks go to the team who worked tirelessly to make the workshop successful. Our Catholic Faith Series will continue as the R.E. Program in all Catholic Agency schools. (CBC Communications 180712 – giorgiolicini@yahoo.com)