10/04/2014 08:19

Displaced victims welcomed at Don Bosco

9th April, Henderson: A group of Guadalcanal displaced victims, from
the Foxwood area were welcomed and have now been given a place at Don
Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson.  The gymnasium, normally used for
school assemblies, games and other functions has now become the home for
194 displaced persons.  40% of them are young children below 5 years of

At the request of Guadalcanal officers - Grinta, James and Robert - Fr.
Dominic Kachira sdb, Rector, opened the gates of the Institute to house
these displaced victims.  They arrived late in the evening and were
given a little food before they went to bed.  "We had a just a 20 kg bag
of rice and some other foodstuff for the entire group", said Stanley
Taro, leader of the group.

Speaking to them, the following morning, Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, was
surprised that despite all the promises from the Guadalcanal officers,
the people were not looked after.  "We were told that we shall be well
cared for", said Albert Tovai one of the victims.  Contacting friends
and agencies was the only way to help the situation.  "It is marvelous
how people are ready to help those in need", said Fr. Ambrose Pereira
sdb.  Donations came in to help the victims. Island Clothing sent in
bales of clothing for those at Don Bosco, Henderson and Christ the King
parish, Tetere.  Rima Limited sent in a variety of food supplies - rice,
tayio and noodles and Caritas Australia came along with mosquito nets
and food to ensure that the people had a good meal in the evening.

"Little children need to play", said Fr. Srimal Priyanga sdb,
Principal of the Institute, and he got the boys and the carpentry
students to  put together a swing, basketball rings, a sand pit and
other items to keep the little ones cheerful and happy.

As the day drew to a close, the women got together the group in praise
and worship to thank the Lord for the day and ask His grace and
protection for a peaceful and quiet night.

The Salesians got together for their monthly recollection and reflected
on how best they can be prophetic signs and bearers to the young and
help them look forward in hope.

Fr. Sonny Fajardo sdb, Parish priest of Christ the King parish, Tetere
and others are concerned about the landslide at Tinahulu, in the Gold
Ridge area. We pray for safety and a peaceful night.

Thankyou for the kindness and generosity of people who see the need and
are ready to reach out and help.  Blessings on you and your families.

Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb