04/10/2012 08:48

DWU opens five new dormitories

By Bradley Gregory - DWU Journalism Student

THE Catholic Church has contributed enormously to the Education and Health sectors in both the rural and urban areas of Papua New Guinea. Secretary of the National Planning and Monitoring council, Dr Peter Kora made this statement at the Divine Word University on Saturday, 29 September.

The University marked the opening of 5 new dormitories; 3 female and two male dormitories which are funded by AusAID through the PNG Incentive Fund. Dr Kora said that the PNG government had its limits but the churches and its partners such as AusAID were truly reaching the areas that the government has failed.

Meanwhile, University President Fr Jan Czuba said that the opening of the new facilities is a positive result of team work between the university and its sponsors and partners. He highlighted some projects that the university had successfully implemented with the assistance of AusAID; the establishment of the Bachelor in Health Management Department, the construction of the Friendship library and the SVD memorial auditorium.

This year, the university with the support of Aus AID saw the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with Australia’s James Cook University. The MoU will allow 20 students from the DWU to study Health Management overseas after the completion of Year two, and also have the two institutions exchange staff.

Fr Jan assured all stakeholders; the PNG Incentive Fund and the Australian government that the dormitories will be maintained and looked after like the previously sponsored facilities.

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