30/07/2012 09:32

DWU students in Madang reflect on 2012 theme “The power or positive vision”

By: Bradley Gregory and Yvonne Kambibel - DWU Journalism Students. To achieve vision, one must embrace the present positively with youthful energy and not dwell too much on the past or future. Fr Victor Roche, SVD, said these words while facilitating the final retreat of the Divine Word University Arts Faculty from the 27th to 28th of July. He said that the past has gone and the future is unknown, but what is important is to enjoy and take each day at a time. Fr Victor told the students that as enthusiastic young people, many distractions will come their way but what is important is to focus on their objectives and get their priorities right. He said that it is important to choose the right relationships in life as bad relationships with others may interfere in achieving future visions. When doing something, it must be done well and it is important for students to be themselves and not to pretend to be somebody else just to please others: “Be the original, be yourself”. Fr Victor encouraged the students to have faith and to pray and read the Bible always.

The University retreats this year were fun filled and enjoyable, with the students sharing their experiences through reflection, creative dances, singing, watching videos and participating in games. It started with Business and Informatics Faculty on the 13th-14th July and Health Science Faculty from 20th-21th with Fr. Silvestre ‘Dong’ Saladaga, PIME as the main facilitator. DWU lecturers Otto Tukavai and Roselyn Efi co-facilitated the three retreats