16/05/2012 12:03

DWU students pray on First National Catholic Teachers Day

About 25 students and a few teachers gathered at the Divine Word University (DWU) Chapel in Madang this afternoon “to reflect and pray for our lecturers and other teachers who are serving urban and rural parts of the country, especially the remotest corners, where, most of the time, access to education is denied”.

Former Lasallian students took the initiative of the gathering as the memorial of John Baptist De La Salle, patron saint of teachers, is being celebrated on the 15th of May in Papua New Guinea and other countries of the Pacific.

It was only last month that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference also formally declared 15 May as a National Catholic Teachers Day with activities, debates and prayers to be organized in all Catholic schools throughout the country.

“To be a teacher is the most honorable vocation… You need to have a feeling for others”, said Fr. Harry Gahare, lecturer at DWU in his short reflection. And as an example of dedicated teacher the students mentioned in their prayers Mrs. Bernadette Ove, Principal of Jubilee Secondary School in Port Moresby, formerly run by the De la Salle Brothers. Mrs. Ove will be retiring at the end of this year. On her time she was one of the first national teachers to take up the position of Head of School, when most of the expatriate and missionary teachers began to withdraw after independence in 1975. (CBC Communications 150512 – giorgiolicini@yahoo.com)