02/05/2012 12:35

Eight days to change and reunite

The themes, the Scripture readings and the prayers for the eight days of the ‘Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’ will lead us to deepen our faith in the fact that we will all be changed through the victory of Jesus:

20 May - Changed by the Servant Christ: Zc 9:9-10; Rm 12:3-8; Mk 10:42-45.

Lord, the prophet pointed to your coming as a humble king who brings peace.  Thank you for the different gifts you have given to us.  Help us to use them in humility to serve our brothers and sisters so that your face may be revealed. Amen. 

21 May - Changed through patient waiting for the Lord: 1 S 1:1-20; Heb 11:32-34; Mt 3:13-17.

Lord God, you are faithful in your love for us.  Help us to wait in hope and patient trust that you can overcome everything that divides us.  Give us wisdom to see the Spirit always at work in us and around us. Amen.

22 May - Changed by the Suffering Servant: Is 53:3-11; 1P 2:21-25; Lk 24:25-27.

God of consolation, you took on our suffering and made it as source of salvation.  You changed the shame of the cross into a sign of victory.  Your wounds have healed us.  Open our eyes and our hearts to help all who suffer to know that you are close to them. Amen.

23 May - Changed by the Lord’s victory over evil: Ex 23:1-9; Rm 12:17-21; Mt 4:1-11.

Lord Jesus Christ, you call us to struggle against injustice in the world with confidence. We thank you for your victory over sin and death.  May your Spirit give us strength to overcome evil with good and division with forgiveness. Amen.

24 May - Changed by the peace of the Risen Lord: Ml 4:5-6; Ep 2:14-20; Jn 20:19-23.

Loving and merciful God, heal the hurt of broken relationships within families and between nations.  Tear down the walls of hatred and misunderstanding that divide us.  Teach us the joy of sharing in your peace. Amen.

25 May - Changed by God’s Steadfast Love: Hab 3:17-19; 1 Jn 5:1-6; Jn 15:9-17.

Lord Jesus Christ, it is faith in your love that gives us hope in the face of failure.  You have chosen us in love to be your friends.  May the Spirit make us one with you and with each other so that together we can be witnesses of your faithful love to the world. Amen.

26 May- Changed by the Good Shepherd: 1 S 2:1-10; Ep 6:10-20; Jn 21:15-19.

Father of all, you call us to be one flock in your Son.  He is our Good Shepherd who knows us by name, protects us from danger and searches for us when lost.  Strengthen us with the armour of truth and justice so that we can feed your sheep and comfort your people. Amen.

27 May - United in the Kingdom of Christ: 1 Ch 29:10-13; Rv 3:19b-22; Jn 12:23-26.

Lord Jesus, we praise you for your glory.  You have prepared a place for us to share in your victory.  Give us a gift of unity in faith so that we can enjoy together a fullness of life with you and with each other forever and ever. Amen.