19/08/2012 17:49

Engan Religious Sister experiences multicultural challenge at General Chapter

 “As a Melanesian sister, coming myself from a diverse multicultural country, I lived a profound experience and faced the challenge of setting aside my own ways to grow in the richness of other cultures” - Sr. Veronica Paison, an Enggan of the Daughters of Wisdom, said after attending the General Chapter of their Congregation in Rome on July 1-31, 2012 – “No matter which country and culture we belonged to or what language we spoke, we were there for only one reason: our love for the Congregation and its mission for the Church. Each sister had the chance to experience the realities and hopes of our Congregation deciding together for the future.”

The General Chapter of the Daughters of Wisdom in fact dwelled on the theme, “Widen the Space of your Tent” (Is 54:2). Fifty-two delegates from 21 countries studied the impact of “Wisdom Spirituality” in today’s global society.  Founded in Poitiers, France, in 1703, the Congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom has now set out on an innovative ministry for justice and peace at the heart of a multicultural world.

Two Sisters (Marie Turner, an expatriate and Veronica Paison, a national) represented the PNG community at the General Chapter, which elected a new international General Council with members from Canada, India, Italy, France, and Columbia.

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