01/07/2012 17:00

Final vows of sem. Kenneth Kaimalan CSMA at Lido (Vanimo)

On 24th of June 2012 the final profession of sem. Kenneth Londe Kaimalan CSMA took place at Lido parish (near Vanimo). Presiding in the ceremony was retired bishop of Kimbe. The faithful Catholics of Lido under the leadership of their parish priest organised a beautiful celebration. The church was nicely decorated and equipped with a few citation from the writings of Blessed Bronislaus Markiewicz (1842-1912), the Michaelites Founder. During the Eucharist a beautiful melodies were sang by youth of the parish. There were about ten priests present and fifteen religious sisters. The church was packed.

The homily was delivered by Fr. Ziggy Kruczek CSMA, who brought closer to the faithful the figure of Blessed Bronislaus Markiewicz whose centenary of his death is commemorated by the Congregation this year. Blessed Bronislaus while giving foundation to new congregation chose St. Michael the Archangel as its patron. The fact is that the Papua New Guinea country has the same patron. This coincidental happening is a challenge for us Michaelites who together with Papua New Guinea Catholics are obliged to lead battle for the goodness under the protection of St. Michael.

After the homily all the faithful prayed over the seminarian. Then bishop made a brief scrutiny and the moment of pronunciation by him (sem. Kaimalan) of the formula of vows took place. When newly finally professed Michaelite put his signature on the document, the bishop continued the Eucharist. At its end the words of thanks expressed sem. Kaimalan himself.

The parishioners at Lido were so kind for us that they prepared a real “like banquet” and invited us for refreshment. There was variety of food (especially sea food) and invited guests were able to satisfy their hunger and appetite.

Ziggy Kruczek CSMA