09/04/2014 16:31

Fr. August KNORR (GEN) 24.05.01; 12-35-37-40-46

A native of Ermland (now Warmia, Poland) and the son of a Franz and Franziska Seewald of Gonswen, Fr. August pur- C sued his studies in 1927, first in Mehlsack (Pieniezno) and sl later in Nysa. He was a novice at Budateteny, Hungary before H going to St. Gabriel for further studies. He served as a soldier " in Stalingrad, Russia, Romania, Hungary, France and Hol- II land. Towards the end of the war he was transferred from a 0 hospital in East Prussia to Denmark where he was taken u prisoner by the English. After his release he completed his 1 studies at St. Augustin, and as a newly ordained priest he l~ worked first as a pastor among refugees in Cologne and central yl Germany. Assigned to PNG in 1950, he built up Ulupu during 1 his 22 years' stay there. He worked for another 20 years in iI Sassoya before returning to Germany in 1991. For the next t( five years he was chaplain to the SSpS Sisters in Ohligs. Retired at St. Arnold's in 1996, he fell ill with Parkinson's disease and was transferred last year from Steyl to St. Wendel.

He went back to his Master on the day of the Lord's Ascension