09/04/2014 17:00

Fr. Ben Kuhnert, SVD

thank your for your quick reply. Well, at this stage my trip to PNG is
still far from certain - just something like a plan that needs to be
considered yet - but nevertheless, just a possibility. If those plans
materialize, I would no doubt marvel about all the developments that
have taken place since my departure from PNG 1992!
Interesting upon reflection, too, is my own development since then:
three years as prefect of students in St. Augustin, then three years as
rector there. (I only agreed to be considered a candidate if the
confreres were willing to some changes - although only a vague
compromise was reached. So I decided to quit after a term of three years
and go back into pastoral work instead). With my Provincial's o.k.
worked for  two years in a parish in Duisburg until the Provincial asked
me in 2000 to take over two parishes quite close to Hamburg. 2008 I
retired, and then the Bishop got hold of me and I became Chaplain for
the 10.000 policemen and -women of Hamburg. However, I regarded that as
a temporary appointment. And since there now is somebody eager to take
over, so be it. Marc is a deacon and at present still a policeman. So he
has a very good idea who he is working for and I regard him as the ideal
man for the job. Thus far Marc will have to be released from the police yet.
When he has taken over I would like to stay on in Hamburg, help wherever
I am asked to help out on Sundays, and continue to be spiritual
companion to Religious and laypeople as well.
Please give my regards to Arnie Steffen and  Jan Czuba, who might
remember me yet.

All the best to you