09/04/2014 16:33

Fr. Edward Anthony BAUR (USC) 22.02.01; 27-46-48-54-55

Fr. Edward grew up the son of Felix Baur, a country doctor, and his wife Helen, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, He graduated from high school in East Troy and went through novitiate and junior college in Techny. He was one of the first five white seminarians to study theology with our Afro-American candi­dates in Bay St. Louis.

Assigned in 1956 to Wewak, PNG, he went back home a year later due to polio. During his recuperation he studied for a degree in education, and returned to work for six years as parish priest in Kinjingini, PNG. He then went back to the US to take up the job of vocations director for a year. Back again in PNG, he worked on Torembi, Kairiru island and later as parish priest of Wewak's St. Francis parish, and as school inspector and youth chaplain in the diocese of Wewak. From 1979-87 he was active as director of the charismatic move­ment and as full time district superior.

He returned to the US for health reasons in 1992, and worked as pastor in the parishes of Bay St. Louis and Lafayette and as a hospital chaplain in Galveston and Pittsburgh. After a year of fighting leukemia in Techny, he was called to his final reward last February in a hospital in Galveston, Texas.