09/04/2014 16:19

Fr. Elmer ELSBERND (PNG) 08.12.01 ; 36-54-56-62-65

Fr. Elmer's parents, Alois and Loretta Kuenner, were from Festina, Iowa. He studied at East Troy and went on to Techny for his novitiate and the otlier required studies. A year after his ordination, he obtained his Master of Science degree in the teaching of physics and became a mathematics teacher at the Divine Word College in Epworth. Here he also took up the post of vocation director until 1972 and still later that of dean of studies. The next 14 years he spent teaching at the Divine Word High School in Perrysburg. In 1986 he volunteered to work in PNG, in the mission station of Kainantu, Mount Hagen. In 1996 he was elected provincial superior of PNG. Early this year, suffering from loss of memory, he was flown back to the United States. Blood clots in his legs found their way up to his lungs, eventually causing his demise. In accordance with the wish of his family, Fr. Elmer was buried in his home parish of St. Aloysius, in Calmar, Iowa.