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Fr. Henry SoelJner (PNG) 22.06.2004; 2446485252

Fr. Henry Soellner was born July 7, 1922 in Hardeck, Germany. He entered the SVD novitiate in 1946 and after his ordination in 1952 he was appointed to PNG, where he arrived in 1954. He started his work in Kunjingini under the care of the experienced missionary Fr. Paul BLASIG. After 15 months, in 1955 he moved to Kaugia and started the foundation of a new parish there. He was known as the founder of the churches in Kaugia, Bapmu, and Kosengo.

In 1989 ill health began to bother Henry, and after his return from holidays he was transferred to Turubu parish, where he worked for the next ten years. In 1999 he decided to retire to Wirui.

Lately his health deteriorated, and he became weak.

He no longer came regularly to the dining room and even skipped his favourite card game. But he never lost his sense of peace and his positive approach to life. The condition of his knee gave him much trouble in walking. Occasional attacks of malaria and a recent infection in the chest worsened his unstable condition and eventually took him to his eternal reward.