09/04/2014 16:27

Fr. Karl JUENNEMANN (PNG) F 01.10.01; 11-34-36-39-40

Fr. Karl was born to Wilhelm and Emilie Strueber in Bilshausen, diocese b of Hildesheim. He began his studies in a 1926 in Bad Driburg and Steyl and was mustered into the army as a newly ordained priest. Released from captivity, b he spent some time in pastoral work in v Germany.

In 1949 he joined the first group of 2 German SVDs to embark for New Guinea. He devoted himself during his first thirteen years in the mission to re­constructing what had been destroyed r during the II World War, building up the physical structures of many parishes such as Torembi, Yakamul, VIau, Drekikir, and Yassip. For six years he took charge of the mission of Taway, but when his house burnt down on a New Year's day, he was transferred to Marienberg. From 1974 to 1982 we find him in Porapora, close to Sepik and Ramu. He spent an other five years in Mambe before retir- 2 ing at the age of76 to Timbunke. There 2 he helped out with supply work, his 2 health permitting. He underwent numer- 0 ous operations and suffered from skin 1 cancer. In 1995 he was transferred to 0 Wirui for better health care, and after a long period of suffering he went to his eternal reward last October. 1.