21/05/2015 22:50

Fr. Peter Wasko shot

Dear Father General,

I write to inform you that yesterday (Wednesday, the 20th of May) at around 13:30 Fr. Peter Wasko, SVD, who was on patrol in Amboin area (Karawari river of the Sepik) was shot at with a shot gun, and sustained multiple wounds from pellets to his abdomen. He was airlifted with helicopter from Amboin and brought to Madang. By 18:30 he was in operating theater of Madang hospital. Bro George Kuzma operated on him to close the perforated intestines and clean the wounds. He is in stable condition at Madang hospital with SSpS nurses keeping watch by his bed side.

Yours in the Divine Word

Fr. Jozef Maciolek, SVD
Madang, PNG