30/05/2012 15:46

Fr.Victor Roche, SVD (from Rome)

Dear Bishops and Friends,

  1. HAPPY PENTECOST: May you be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit for Service.
  1. AD LIMINA VISIT OF THE BISHOPS OF PNG/SI: The Bishops of each Conference or Region go to Rome once in 5 years and this visit is called “Ad Limina”. It literally means “at the thresholds of the Apostles” (Sts.Peter and Paul). The Bishops meet the Pope, the Successor of Peter,  to give an account of the state of their dioceses and to  make a pilgrimage to the tombs of the apostles.  They also meet the different heads of Commissions of the Vatican.There will be 22 Bishops of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. Bp.Peter Ramsden of Anglican Church of Port Moresby, PNG will also accompany the bishops. The visit takes place in Rome from 31st May – 9th June 2012.
  1. Bp.Rochus Tatamai, MSC HAD A BYE PASS SURGERY:  Bp.Tatamai was on his way to Rome via Australia. He had a medical check up and the doctor found three blocks in the veins of his heart. He had a surgery last week and he is recuperating in the MSC community in Australia. Please pray for him.
  1. ELECTION IN THE PROCESS BUT POLITICAL IMPASSE CONTINUES IN PNG: Last week the Supreme Court declared Sir Michael Somare as the Prime Minister of the country.  Mr.Peter O’Neil, called the Parliament and challenged the decision of the Supreme Court.  On 24th May, Mr.Belden Namah, the Deputy Prime Minister  went to one of the Supreme Court sessions and got Chief Justice Sir Salaamo Injia arrested by some policemen. There is still division in the Police Force and confusion among the Public Servants and the Public.  God, Forgive them, for they know not..!
  1. NEW PAPAL NUNCIO ARRIVING IN PORT MORESBY: Msgr. Santo Gangemi, the new  Apostolic Nuncio for PNG/SI is arriving on 30th May in Port Moresby. We wish him God’s blessings in his important ministry.

Fr.Victor Roche, SVD (from Rome)

General Secretary,

Catholic Bishops Conference of

Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands