08/07/2014 20:42

Goilala in despair

7th JULY 2014. There is still no police report on the killing of Fr Jerry Inau and Communion Minister Benedict in the Goilala mountains of Kamulai on the first Sunday of May this year. “The men in uniform have run out of funds and they have left the area. We only know what people say and it’s not good news,” said Bishop Rochus Tatamai of Bereina yeserday to the Catholic Reporter.

Fr Jerry’s plea when he was fatally shot that they not avenge his killing has not been respected. According to Bishop Rochus, “the rumors are that seven murders have followed, including that of the young culprit”.

A picture of violence, tribal feuds, easy killings and marijuana addiction comes out of present Goilala society. Attempts at secondary and tertiary education for young people have frequently failed. Rough terrain and impossible distances go hand in hand with government budget constraints and neglect.

You hardly see hope for Goilala on the face of Bishop Rochus Tatamai. “But we keep on going,” he says, “trying to provide at least the basic education and health services the Church has always assured on those mountains”. (Giorgio Licini)