29/12/2012 19:28

SIGNIS leaders congratulate Catholic communicators; call for Bishops and clergy to mobilize

28 DEC 2012. Signis Pacif President, Fr. Ambrose Pereira SDB, yesterday congratulated and thanked all Church communicators in his Christmas and end of the year 2012 address  “for the many productions, programmes, courses and events organized and conducted, that have contributed much to spreading the message of Peace, much needed in our island countries.” “Thank you - he also said in the message emailed from the Signis Pacific Secretariat Office in Fiji – for your zeal, dedication and commitment and for doing all you can despite limited resources and difficult situations”. Signis is a worldwide Catholic Association for Communication officially recognized by the Holy See and scheduled to hold its next World Congress in Beirut, Lebanon, in October 2013.

Fr. Pereira’s address followed that of Signis World President, Mr. Augustine Loorthusamy, who enthusiastically said a few days before Christmas that, “This has been a good year for Signis. Our membership has been strengthened and our commitment has borne fruit in all sectors. There is a greater interest in the work of Signis both in the Church and among secular media professionals. It is worth mentioning ‘World Communication Day’, which is now celebrated in many more dioceses and countries than before. This has also become a bridging event between Church and secular media professionals.”

Mr. Loorthusamy also could not avoid stressing the fact that, “The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI continues to surprise us with his entry into the Twitter world. This is a first in the history of Church communication. We fully support and applaud this move. This must surely challenge our Bishops and clergy in our dioceses to get moving as this provides a great opportunity to involve the creativity of the Lay in our churches.” (cbcpngsi.org – giorgiolicini@yahoo.com)