06/09/2013 19:54

Letter from Bp Paul Marx msc

Dear Rochus, thanks very much for your video of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the instllation of the cross on Mount Albert Edward by Fr Dubuy. What a marvel that technology which allows me here in Strasbourg to share in your experience, climbing that 4000 meters mountain. And what an experience! It was really moving to see you undertake that journey, especially you with your multiple by passes. In this year of the faith what a testimony from all who have participated, beginning with the mass at Ononghe. We do not see here anymore so many children at a mass. The mass up there was extraordinary, sitting on these rocks. It seems that there is not a little flat place up there, each of you sitting on a rock. It makes me also realize what it must have been for Fr Dubuy to get up there with mules.At times I find myself very small when I see what others have done in the missions. And yet looking at the Post Courrier there is still so much violence and brutality in th country. We have that also here, especially in Marseilles, where yestderday the 15th man has been moved down with a kalishnikof. Yes in our world there are mixed things. Fortunately we see from time to time beautiful things like your pigrimage journey on Mount Albert. Give my warm greetings also to Fr Mlak. Go bless you and your diocese. + J P Marx msc