07/02/2015 09:20

Missionary Named Bishop of Wewak, Papua New Guinea

Fr. Jozef Roszynski, S.V.D., has been named bishop of Wewak, Papua New Guinea, where he has been serving as a missionary.

Jozef Roszynski was born in Poland in 1962 and was ordained a priest in 1989.

He studied at the Divine Word University, Papua New Guinea, and has served in a number of pastoral roles, including parish priest in parishes in Warabung, Wirui and Wewak; member of the provincial council of the Verbites in Papua New Guinea; superior of the Verbites in the district of Wewak; member of commissions created by the apostolic administrator for the management of finances and for the pastoral care of the vacant diocese.

The Diocese of Wewak has a population of some 367,000, with 224,000 Catholics. They are served by about 40 priests and 90 religious