13/01/2012 13:53

New Image of Voice of Peter ToRot Web.

On the 7th July 2011, we begin the celebrations in honour of Bl. Peter To Rot, as we open the Jubilee Year to remember the 100 years of his birth.

The main objective of these celebrations, that will last 18 months (7th July 2011 - 30th December 2012), is the "renewal of Family Life". We will do this by deepening the Gospels values as the foundation of Family Life and by coming to know and appreciate more the sacrament of marriage.

We hope that at the closing of the Year of Blessed Peter To Rot, on 30th December 2012, our families may resemble a little more the Holy Family of Nazareth, whose feast we will celebrate that day.

This new image of The Voice of Peter ToRot site is to add to the celebrations as well as to:
    To promote spiritual and moral values Blessed Peter Torot lived and died for.
    To promote the cause for the canonization of Blessed Peter Torot.
    To provide resources and the opportunity for on-going spiritual, personal renewal and formation for lay people.
    To ensure that materials of historical significance that have been documented are preserved in the Archives.
    To create awareness about the potential of an electronic and print media as a valuable tool for religious, cultural and social development of the country.
    To provide venue and opportunities for the following activities:
        - a venue for religious/spiritual conferences,
        - accessibility for research and formation,
        - production of TV/radio/internet documentaries,
        - enhance better collaboration of lay and religious
        - enhance greater ecumenical cooperation.