09/04/2014 16:26

P. August SCHWARZ (GES) 01.04.04; 12-34-36-39-40

August's parents, Nikolaus Schwarz and Margaretha, were farmers and ran an inn in Felsberg, in the diocese of Trier. August began his studies in the St. Joseph's seminary for late vocations, in Geilenkirchen. The philosophical and theological studies followed in St. Augustin, where he was ordained on July 7, 1940.

During the war, he was trained as a paramedic and was mostly in Russia. He was taken prisoner of war in France and spent his prison time in England and Scotland as chaplain of the camp. When he returned to St. Wendel, he worked as chaplain in Heiligenwald parish. In 1949 he came to Papua New Guinea, where he started and built up the parish of Bangos during the next 10 years. Subsequently, he worked 12 years as pastor at the cathedral of Wewak. For a short time, he was also a rector of the SVD community at Wewak.

In 1973, he returned to Germany and was house chaplain and pastor at St. Joseph's Hospital, Dudweiler, till 1980. From 1980, he worked in Grbningen in Allgau as chaplain for the handicapped and old people and helped out also in the parish work. Because of his cheerfulness and because he always kept singing some tunes, he was fondly called Alleluia Father. When the Institute was closed down 1996, he returned to St. Wende!. Although he was confined to a wheelchair, he still heard confessions and celebrated the Eucharist for the sick and old confreres till the last drop of his strength.

He died at St. Wendel in the afternoon of April 1,2004