03/05/2012 09:54


Computer programme for the deaf and mute students.

Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson, Solomon Islands.

27 students and teachers from San Isidro Care Centre, Aruligo spent the weekend – 27th and 28th April, 2012 - at Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson, Solomon Islands. The programme is now a yearly feature and has been running for the past 4 years.

The programme entitled: ‘Reach out your Hand’ gives the students an occasion to share their knowledge and skills with their less fortunate friends. Several class leaders and students volunteered to spend the weekend assisting and helping out during the sessions, while Life Skills girls ensured that delicious meals were ready for all at the programme.

“As a Bosconian student, I feel it is my responsibility to help those who are less fortunate than myself”, said Walton Suamoana, DBTI Junior Electrical student.

“You can tell from the faces that they express more than what you can imagine. I have personally enjoyed the programme. It’s just awesome”. – Kenneth Ravu, DBTI Senior Electrical student.

The programme was planned and coordinated by the Don Bosco Technical Institute instructors  They have enjoyed the experience and commented that the students are keen and are able to learn quickly. Kazumi Okano, speech therapist at the National Referral Hospital was happy to be part of the programme.

In expressing his gratitude, director of San Isidro Care Centre, Br George ven der Zant, said that the students looked forward to the programme. He thanked the community, staff and students of Don Bosco and the many who have been supportive and assisted in the programme through their kind and generous donations of food and gifts.

Sr. Ana Tawak, principal, appreciated the opportunity offered to the students to give them a glimpse of the world of media and technology. Sr. Catherine Diau said that it makes them part of the wider community. The weekend also had lively moments of prayer, games, song, dances and an inspirational movie.