20/07/2012 10:29

Religious Education in Elementary schools

By Sr Mary McCarthy pbvm. Religious Education for Elementary children was the topic of a meeting of Elementary school teachers on 11 July at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference headquarters in Port Moresby. Nine schools or learning centers were represented along with two lecturers from Sacred Heart Teachers’ College. Teaching little children gives great joy to Elementary teachers and it was on this note that the meeting began. Programs for Religious Education were shared and Teachers’ Guides discussed. Many supported the idea of recording songs/hymns to assist teachers with lesson preparation. Most Catholic Elementary school teachers reported that they begin each day with Religious Education for about 15 minutes and they follow the Our Catholic Faith Series. Teachers spoke loudly of their need to have such meetings to share their successes and their challenges and to learn from one another. (CBC Communications 180712 – giorgiolicini@yahoo.com)