18/09/2012 11:34

Solomon Islands Don Bosco Final Media Students Presentation

By Hilda Anihoniara, Youth Animator.

Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson, Solomon Islands was pleased to host the final Media Presentation for the media students on 15th September, 2012.

A total of 51 persons – participants, animators and facilitators were part of the five week-end programmes held over the past seven months. The sessions covered Audio media, Print media, Images, Video and Personal presentations. Students from five schools - St. Josephs, Tenaru; St. Nicholas, Honiara, St. Johns, Rove; Bishop Epalle, Rove and Don Bosco, Henderson attended these media seminars. The students proudly displayed their products, spoke about what they learnt and shared their experiences. Teachers, parents, guests, friends and Mr Jackson Meke, Principal of Bishop Epalle School were happy to be present for the occasion and witness the students work presented.

“We have learnt a lot about the different ways of communication - through Facebook, Skype and the social media”, said Stanley Ulufaalu, a Don Bosco student whose creative representation of the World Communications Day message was printed on the banner and the t-shirts. “We now know the essential elements of writing articles,” said Hector Leqata, Bishop Epalle student; Mary Jane Housui, St. John’s student and Diana Kokili, St. Nicholas student. Many expressed the fact that while they enjoyed the skits, games and action songs – they learnt much from them.

The participants were happy to learn the basic principles of using a camera when taking photographs and were made aware of lines and colours that form an image. The sessions were lively and dealt with the reality of life. The story collection of pictures, creating ideas through them and the ability to read images was dealt with. Short videos, scripted, shot and edited with the help of animators were screened. Say no to Marijuana, Bad hands, Work ethics, the Good life, Domestic violence and Food poisoning were the issues dealt with by the students. Putting together their thoughts and ideas gave the youngsters a platform to express themselves and their concerns. Simon Ma’asi, Bishop Epalle animator and Francis Kiri, St. Nicholas animator said that, “All parts of the Media Education Seminars were important”. They stressed discipline and commitment to reach the goal.

Witnessing the variety of presentations Mr. John Meke, Principal of Bishop Epalle School, was appreciative of the amount of effort and work put into the Media Education Seminars. On behalf of all the principals he was grateful for all that has been done. “The students have learnt a lot from the seminars, and we need to encourage and support the programme – as it is for the good of the students”, he said. Catholic Communications personnel, Joe Vidiki encouraged the students to make sure that ‘their message is a change for good’.

Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb had words of appreciation and thanks to the participants and to the many animators who shared their time and talent with the students. He made special mention of SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communications that encourages Media Education, SOLMAS and the many others who have assisted in the program. SIBC, Solomon Star and ONE News has been very supportive and encouraging right throughout the programme. Referring to the Holy Fathers World Communications Day message, he reminded the participants to reflect on their life and activity and ensure that it is in harmony with the message of the Gospel. “It is important that you use what you have learnt to benefit yourself and your community”, he said.

Mr. Paul Quan, Don Bosco School Board member thanked the participants remarking, “You are the ones who have made the programme.

Media Training is essential as it provides an opportunity for students to open themselves to a new career as well as provide a platform to develop their talents and share their ideas. It has benefited the participants and has enabled them look critically at what is presented to them through the media.

Don Bosco Communications will hold a two week Image and Film Seminar: ‘Creating Images, Powerful Messages’. The Seminar will run from 15th to 26th October, 2012. Application Forms for interested participants are available at the School Office.