28/06/2012 08:32

Solomon Islands students learn how to defend environment through media

By Patrick Fa’amaea Kekete, J. Wells Hageria, Serah Devi and Rolly Randa. The 5-day Media Training - for the Youth Environment Programme (YEP) got underway at the Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson, Solomon Islands on 25th June, 2012 with 47 participants in attendance. The participants are volunteer students attending a two year course of Environmental studies. The Media component is supported by the Ministry of Environment and the United Nations.

The students were warmly welcomed by Ms Camari Bainivalu, Principal and given an outline of the programme by Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, Rector and Coordinator of the programme. The interactive puzzle and warm up exercises set the tone to commence the sessions. Catholic Communications audio personnel, Theresa Dola and Gwen Toki presented the Audio media and gave them guidelines to record and advertisement. The students got into the activity and were delighted to hear their voices at the end of the recording.

After a delicious lunch, prepared by the Life Skills Department, the programme continued with a session on ‘Writing Articles’ by Penny Chilton, AVI Volunteer. “The session was the most intensive of all as it involved thinking, reflecting and writing out articles”, said Patrick Fa’amaea Kekete.

“The Media training broadens our knowledge, builds our capacity and helps us understand what the media is all about”, said Serah Devi. “The students are excited about the programme and want to learn more in the coming days”, said J. Wells Hageria.

On the second day the participants understood the basics of the Print media in an interactive and practical session by Fr. Ambrose Pereira. “It was very interesting for the students as they wrote articles on their environmental issue and created a colourful layout of their newspaper”, exclaimed Lisa Tumu Sikajajaka.

“The session broadened the knowledge and understanding of the importance of the print media as a vital means of sharing information. Even though print media has the shortest ‘shelf life’ it is of immense importance to each one of us”, reflected Hemah Aquillah. “With regard to the power of visuals, it was - something totally new for me – on how to analyze and convey ideas and information through visuals. Penny has opened up a new world for us”, she added.

All the participants deemed it a privilege to attend the course at Don Bosco and look forward to the days ahead. The Media Training Goal is to understand how to document community experiences related to the environment and climate change effects and adaptation. (CBC Communications 270612 – giorgiolicini@yahoo.com)