15/06/2012 13:03

St. Fidelis seminarians in Madang explain reasons for pursuing priesthood

“I have freely given up the possibility of marriage”

Daniel Sakias - Seminarian for the Diocese of Wabag

Each person has been given different gifts from God. The call to the priesthood is not an ordinary gift or call, rather it is Sacred and extraordinary.  It is a great blessing for me to have received and answered this call from God. I am delighted to respond to this call, not because of the “good life” a priest lives as many people think, but to give my whole and entire life to others.  I never doubted or questioned my decision to enter the seminary when others challenged me and put pressure on me about my vocation. I have freely given up the possibility of marriage and with it the earthly pleasures it brings because I want to follow the life of Christ for the sake of the Kingdom Heaven (Mt 19:12).  That is what motivates me in my daily response to God’s Call. 

“I want to be a priest for the youth”

Dalzert Awaili - Seminarian for the Diocese of Aitape

From the time I was seventeen I’ve dreamed of being a priest. I did Minor Seminary Formation at St. John Vianney in Vanimo, and from that time on my only thought has been to be ordained a Catholic priest. The people from my diocese are in desperate need of priests to administer the Sacraments. As in other places, some parishes, especially in remote areas, have no priest to say Mass, baptize, hear confessions or bless marriages.  I’m also motivated to become a priest by seeing the needs of the youths, our future leaders, who so often have no moral direction in their lives and are driven to drug and alcohol abuse and other illegal activity. Who besides the parish priest will have the courage and guidance to reach out to these young people? By becoming an ordained Catholic priest I will help to minimize social problems that plague my diocese and our country.  My desires are not for my own benefit, but for those of the people of my country.  I thank God for this Call.

“I encourage other young men to come and join us”

Paul Misik - Seminarian for the Archdiocese of Mt. Hagen

My initial desire to study for the priesthood started from my love of attending daily Mass and participating in the Eucharistic celebration. That became the kernel of motivation for my wanting to become a priest.  The call to holiness is universal, a call for all of us to follow, no matter what our state in life: single, married, or consecrated to God as a priest or Religious. I have decided to follow that call, initiated by Christ, as a Catholic priest.  Striving to be like Christ, who is the Eternal High Priest, demands sacrifice, self denial, and discipline. However, studying in the seminary is a great privilege for me because I attend daily Mass, weekly confession, and monthly spiritual direction, all of which help to guide me in my priestly formation.  I encourage other young men to come and join us and experience this little bit of “Heaven on Earth.” 

“The power of healing and consoling”

Frederick Sebie - Seminarian for the Archdiocese of Madang

My desire to become a Catholic priest began when I saw a priest standing at the altar celebrating Mass; he seemed extraordinary, and he seemed to have been given extraordinary powers, too.  I also watched a priest in my parish in Bogia anoint a dying old man. Before the anointing the old man was suffering terribly and would scream out in pain all night long.  But after the priest anointed him and gave him Holy Communion, the old man was calm and shortly thereafter died a peaceful death.  That experience motivated me to want to become a priest. I am also inspired by the way priests act toward the people; they are very open and loving to all people, not just a select few.   No one told me to go to the seminary, it was a call from God and I answered Him; it is God’s plan for me and I must fulfill that plan.  

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