02/07/2014 13:06

The law above all!

Bp. Arnold Orowae
President, Catholic Bishops’ Conference
Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands

Honesty and commitment to the common good are essential ingredients of worthy politics. Moreover in a true democratic system political authority is accountable to the people it represents. It seems to us that at this time worthy politics and democracy are at risk in Papua New Guinea.

No person, including members of parliament, is above the law.  There is the one law for everyone in Papua New Guinea. Yet recent events, with accusations, dismissals and political manouverings appear to disrespect the Constitution and the rule of law.

Our people continue to search for security and prosperity in a socio-political scene that seems even more confusing and complex.

Instability and oppressive law enforcement reflecting the interest of a few is hurting our entire society. If this continues it will be detrimental to the soul of the nation. Investors confident and a good image of our nation will be lost.

“The truth will make you free” (John 8:32). As Church leaders we call for a peaceful and truthful resolution of the current political turmoil. The values we refer to are found not only in the Holy Bible, but are expressed in civil law, yet have their origin in God.  In God’s name we call on the elected leaders of this nation to give priority to the respect for law, the common good and future of our nation.