16/10/2012 08:55

The Stage that is Facebook

By Ludmilla Salonda

DWU, Madang

All the world’s a stage

And it is Facebook;

A canvass we face

to paint our lives;

Or a meeting place to gather

to wait, meet, greet

laugh and cry

Then log out to log in

Again and again.

Many enter to paint the canvass

with happy strokes of their kids lives;

Or hang strings of tender lived moments

like pearl necklaces.

Some enter loaded down

with hurts and despair;

To darken it with storms

rain, lightning and thunder.

Others dart in to splash it about

with narcissistic scatter and banter;

While others enter in search of friends

to make and remake.

Others mount to light new flames

or to re-spark old fames from cold ashes;

And still more alight

to pick off ideas

like gold nuggets from the dross.

 (CBC Communications 20121016 – giorgiolicini@yahoo.com)