09/04/2016 10:45

Vanimo Welcomes Catholic Bishops of PNG/SI

Monday 4th April, 2016

Vanimo came alive with songs and dances on 4th April,Monday.  23 Bishops of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands were warmly received by the faithful of the Diocese of Vanimo, Sandaun Province who play host to the 2016 Bishops Annual General Meeting (AGM).

This is the first time for the AGM to be held in the Diocese of Vanimo and with great jubilation the Bishops and Secretaries for the Bishops Conference, guests and representatives of the Government were welcomed in a formal ceremony held at Vanimo Grand Stand. A good number of the faithful from the coast, school students  and workers in the area, gathered to welcome the Bishops with joyful songs and dance.

The atmosphere was one of elation and joy with the faithful repeating the same sentiments of admiration and overwhelming amazement that the bishops of the country were blessing them with their presence.

After the formal welcome the Bishops by the faithful of the Diocese, the Bishops returned to St. Anthony’s Diocese Head Quarters to formally begin the AGM with a prayer service and the presidents adress. 

Day two of the AGM begins with a mass celebrated for all the deceased missionaries that have served in Papua New Guinea and in a more particular way for the Deceased Bishops.

Rev. Fr Stephen Rossetti of St.Luke Institute, USA is specially invited to give input during the AGM.

The theme of the AGM is: “ Sharing the Good News of Mercy” and the “50 years of the establishment of the Catholic Dioceses of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands (15 Nov.1966 – 15 Nov 2016)”.