31/08/2014 14:03

Wisdom is in nature

By Abp Steve Reichert OFM Cap – Madang

During the past year I’ve travelled by plane from Madang to Wewak and back many times.  It is an enjoyable trip.  What a beautiful country we live in.

Following the coastline one sees the high mountains inland, the vast forests, the rivers and the small villages here and there in the bush.

Then suddenly the mighty Sepik River appears, confidently strolling out of the hills onto the plain, meandering toward the sea.  But just before it accomplishes its mission of depositing its contents into the ocean, it turns back on itself, as if it has lost courage at the last minute.   It twists and turns in indecision before finally making its way through the sandy beach to the sea.  And I said to myself, I’m like that sometimes.  Many of us are like that sometimes and often our fear and indecision is a cause for doing wrong and hurting others.

Ramu River – It is bold, dirty and undisciplined.  It is selfish and greedy. It eats away at the banks and the foundations of the village houses.  It builds up sand and silt like so many excuses until its only escape is to slink off in another unplanned direction.  We all know people like that.  But sometimes we also see him or her when we look in the mirror. How many of us fail to meet the challenges of life with honesty?  It’s easier to run away from responsibility and accountability.  We need wisdom and strength.

Manam Volcano – white smoke and black smoke – arrogant, moody, sometimes angry and dangerous.  It is not reliable.

Karkar Island – Elderly, quiet, stable, settled and generous.  It’s like everyone’s grandmother. 

And then comes the broken coastline of Madang – the little islands and lagoons, the coral reefs – inviting, peaceful and compassionate.

We humans are created in the image and likeness of God, but sin makes us less beautiful than we are meant to be.  But there is hope for us.  Wisdom that comes from loving God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind, will restore God beauty in us.  And loving our neighbour as ourselves no matter what, strengthens the gift of wisdom within us.

As you circle to land on the sea side of the airport you might catch a glimpse of Long Island in the distance to the Southeast – across an angry sea to this volcanic island which erupted 300 years ago and made its mark on the world, causing a time of darkness.  It is too far away to see it in detail.  But with the help of modern technology, Google Earth, one can see the great beauty of this volcanic island. 

Long Island features a beautiful blue lake in its spent crater -  and as you scroll closer and closer to it, the name of the lake pops up on your computer - Lake Wisdom.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could drink thewater of that lake and gain wisdom?  (DWU Foundation Day Mass – 22 August 2014)